Working as a landscape or winter maintenance contractor comes with a big responsibility. It is your job to get out before, during and after snow storms or major snowfalls to eliminate ice and snow in parking lots, sidewalks and road ways. You can only be successful when you have effective rock salt and know how to use it efficiently. Here are 4 tips that you should know as a landscape contractor before hitting the roads:

1.       Not all rock salt is the same - To best serve your clients, community and the areas you are operating in, as a contractor you should know your rock salt. There are various types of ice melters with different components that can work better for different applications. Some work better in colder temperatures and some are less corrosive than others. For a full list of our products and a comparison, click here.


2.       Ordering early comes with benefits - One of the worst mistakes that a contractor can make is to not have enough rock salt to last them the season to ensure they adhere to the contracts they have secured. Another mistake is to wait until the last minute or for the first snowfall to begin stocking up on their rock salt supply. Ordering early can help guarantee your price and salt supply for the season. You may also have the opportunity during “off season” to find rock salt at a more competitive price and add to your inventory levels.


3.       Keep it dry and protected - Rock salt is valuable so it is important as a contractor to protect your investment. It needs to be stored in a dry location to ensure it is not effected by any weather and could melt away. Here at Draglam Salt, we sell salt domes in several sizes and dimensions that can fit any space. This is the best way to ensure that your rock salt supply will last you the entire season.


4.       Be conscious and strategic with application – While over applying and using excessive amounts of rock salt can be harmful to the environment, as a contractor, you should never under apply your rock salt. This is for one main reason, under applying rock salt to roadways and sidewalks could mean that the ice or snow does not fully melt. This can lead to accidents by both vehicles and pedestrians, which can lead to a bigger problem as it is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure this does not occur.


At Draglam Salt, our goal is to keep roads clear and people safe throughout the season by supplying quality rock salt and deicing products to landscape contractors and companies. Call us today at 416.798.7050 to speak with a representative to find out what product works best for you.