Bulk salt delivery in Markham is a competitive field. There are a number of companies offering the service, but finding the right one could save you thousands of dollars. It’s the difference between making your property a winter wonderland or a snow-go zone.


Buy Road Salt in Bulk

To get the best price on any commodity, it is always advisable to buy in bulk and when demand is low. This rule of thumb is your basic “Economics 101.” When it comes to salt, unsurprisingly, demand grows as we approach the winter season. The earlier you buy and the more you amass the more you save. Those savings can then be reinvested back into your operations. Meanwhile, your competitors will be left in a more competitive environment without the ability to save.

Salt is a natural preservative, so as long as you store it in a dry place it will last year round. For more information about maintaining your salt year round, find out how to protect your salt in warm weather.

The Best Time to Buy Road Salt

The best time to buy salt is always before you need it. Ideally, before your competitors buy their loads or stockpiles – especially if you own a snow removal business.

Snow Removal Operators

Snow removal businesses don’t need to be told about the importance of salt. We thoroughly understand that without salt, it is impossible to deliver efficient services that provide clean and safe roads or sidewalks for clients. Furthermore, snow removal can begin as early as fall in Ontario, and in such a competitive marketplace being prepared to handle an unexpected winter storm could be the decisive edge you need to get ahead.

Being prepared means having your trucks ready, your crew on standby, your client list lined up, and a stockpile of salt. Without salt, snow removal leaves behind dangerous ice patches that can turn a lucrative contract into an expensive liability.

Know Your Salt

Draglam Salt carries a number of salt products to fit your needs, including:

  • Traditional rock salt: the salt most people are familiar with, used for melting snow.

  • Bulk treated salt: traditional salt treated with liquid magnesium chloride. Much more effective than regular salt, you can save up to 30% or more with the same effect reducing your costs.

  • Sand and bulk salt mix: a combination of 75% sand and 25% salt. This mix is perfect for providing traction for pedestrians and vehicles. The salt concentration is too low to melt snow and ice, but high enough to prevent the sand from freezing.

Bulk Salt Delivery in Markham  - Your Options

Draglam Salt offers delivery for any order over one tonne (or one skid of bagged salt). With locations in Markham, Oshawa, Toronto, and Pickering, your salt delivery will arrive securely and swiftly.

Draglam Salt goes above and beyond the usual salt providers by supplying and installing salt storage domes. No room to store your salt on site? You can now pre-order your salt and store it at our Draglam Salt facility until you need it. That gives you the added benefit of buying salt early without any risk of losing it to water damage. Then when you need it, Draglam Salt will deliver your bulk order straight to your business,  anywhere in the Markham area or across Ontario.

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