After a big winter storm hits overnight we are fortunate that deicing salt suppliers can come to the rescue! Salt can be used to prevent the dangerous effects of ice and snow on walking and driving conditions. This means that nasty winter weather doesn’t have to stop you from getting where you need to go.


Putting deicing salt on roads changes the freezing point of water. The higher the salt content, the lower the freezing point, which means that deicing roads with road salt will help existing ice melt, and depending on the temperature, it will prevent rain or snow from freezing.


In places like Oakville, Ontario where there are approximately 84,700 commuters with an average commute of 25.8 minutes, the salt is critical during the winter months to keep commuters safe.  Only after the salt has been spread on the roads in Oakville can you make your morning commute to work or school safely.


Though salt can be effective, it can have some negative impact on your vehicle. Salt has been known to cause vehicles to rust prematurely and can negatively impact the mechanics of your vehicle. Don’t worry though, there are simple things you can do to minimize the damage salt does to your vehicle this winter.


Wash Often


Make sure you wash your vehicle as soon as possible after a snowstorm. Salt does more damage to the body of your vehicle the longer it is left sitting there. Head to your local car wash and give the car a good rinse after driving in salty conditions.


Try and use a car wash where you can ensure the undercarriage of your vehicle has been reached, as salt often collects in this area. Attempt to wash your car during warmer hours of the day and open and close all the doors several times after washing to avoid them freezing shut. Even without a snowstorm, it is good practice to wash your car roughly once every week during the winter months.


Avoid Puddles


Try and avoid driving through large puddles on the road as salt collects in these wet areas. Go to areas where water has collected to avoid spraying salt higher up on your vehicle than it would normally go. Likewise, don’t drive through deep snow unless absolutely necessary. Snow may become packed into the undercarriage and promote corrosion. It can also cause problems such as reduced braking action that can lead to potentially dangerous consequences.


Rust Proof


If you want to go above and beyond simple winter care techniques for your vehicle, you can have the body of your car coated with a rust proofing spray. Most automotive shops should be able to perform this procedure for you. It is recommended you get your car sprayed annually. Something else to keep in mind when purchasing a vehicle is that the higher your vehicle is from the ground, the less likely it is going to suffer severe rust damage as the salt will have a more difficult time reaching the frame of your vehicle.


Your vehicle is a big investment and plays an important role in your daily life. Make sure you take care of it this winter and avoid the negative impacts of salt on the roads. At Draglam Salt, we do our part to ensure you can commute safely, and we want to make sure your vehicle is properly protected.