Commercial Cost-Effective Bulk Rock Salt

At Draglam Salt, our mission is to make sure that our roads are as safe as possible by providing the best quality products to our clients. Living in Canada means that staying on top of icy roads and parking lots making sure that they are safe for drivers and pedestrians is of the utmost importance. But now that the weather is starting to shift, we worry less and less about the roads and start to look forward to the summer.

Sunshine and warm temperatures are great, but it is important to think ahead because as Canadians we know that winter is inevitable and the need for rock salt to keep roads and parking lots safe will come around again.

In a previous blog (the advantage of bulk road salt delivery) we shared some reasons that companies should consider having their salt delivered. Those same recommendations can be said about pre-ordering your bulk rock salt.

Today though, consider how you can protect your rock salt from the elements if you do decide to pre-order for next season. In the past, we have found that sharing this information is very beneficial to clients because some are still storing their rock salt in exposed piles – which is not ideal, especially in a climate like ours.

How to Safely Store Your Rock Salt

The proper storage of rock salt is in an enclosed structure. The most important factor is that your rock salt is not susceptible to the elements, mainly water. This applies to both smaller businesses and larger commercial companies that buy a lot of rock salt. Whether your storage shed is small or sizeable, you still need to make sure that your salt is well protected.

If you are using an old structure to store your rock salt, you need to ensure that you repair any crack/holes in the building, that the doors are well sealed, and that drainage from the roof directs away from the building.

Although there are storage issues to consider about cost-effective bulk rock salt, it is still in your best interest to pre-order for the next winter season. Not only do you save money, eliminate wait times, and have the ability to order as much as you need - you give yourself peace of mind that when winter hits, you won’t be rushing to get the rock salt that you need.

At Draglam Salt, we’re proud to supply and install rock salt storage domes. Don’t have space?  No problem.  Pre-order and we’ll store the bulk rock salt for you in a dry, quality-assured facility.  If you have any questions about proper rock salt storage we encourage you to give us a call. We want to make sure that you are well informed and confident that you can keep your investment safe.

For those of you who already have a great storage solution contact us today to arrange your delivery. We look forward to hearing from you!