Ontario's Snow Removal Businesses

Ontario's Snow Removal Businesses

Ontario's Snow Removal Businesses

Winter is just around the corner and so are heavy snowfall and slushy roads. The weather predictions for Winter 2022 are already here and we are headed towards a cold and wet winter season. The Canadian weather forecast calls for major snow maintenance in the cities to maintain normal, daily life. The snow removal industry in Ontario is vital to help keep residential and commercial properties clean.

How is Snow Removed?

There are so many options for removing snow: snow shovels of different sizes, snow blowers, ice melts and attachments for mowers, trucks, and ATVs.

Did you know extreme low temperatures and harsh snow conditions can cause injury if snow is not removed the right way?

Even if you are fit for light snow removal, it is also essential to use the right tool for the right kind of snow. It can be very exhausting during your work routine, and it is best to hire some of the best snow removal services in your area.

Ontario is home to some of the best snow removal companies which offer exceptional on time services. You could hire these companies for the entire season, on a part-time basis or on-call. Depending on the density, these snow contractors remove snow by plowing methods or blow it to an empty area in the property. They would also apply salt to the driveway or sidewalk, to melt ice.

Here are some of the best snow removal services in Toronto

1 Walsh Property Service: They are experienced with snow removal and offer services on call as well.

Phone: 905-450-6548


2 MPS Property Services: They have over 25 years of experience and they do snow removal for both private and commercial grounds.

Phone: 905-472-4842


3 Marbro Building Maintenance: They have been looking after properties for more than 50 years. They have a 24-hour service division as well.

Phone: 905-669-8182


4 Conestoga Contracting: They claim to be a people company. They serve both commercial and residential properties, and they offer services 24x7.

Phone: 519-568-1403


5 Derrad Property Maintenance: They have 15 years of experience, and they specialize in snow removal and ice management for retail plazas, condominiums, commercial and industrial buildings.

Phone: 416-509-2070

Most of these contractors will salt your parking lot, driveway, or sidewalk after the snow cleanup but you will still need salt for days when you clean snow by yourself. It can be used on a daily basis to prevent the formation of ice. When it comes to deicing or melting snow, our salt products are the best in quality. Draglam Salt is a brand that you can trust for your salt supply this winter!

Contact us at:

Phone: 416.798.7050

Email: deice@draglamsalt.com