When the winter season starts to come to an end, there are few different steps you can take to ensure your rock salt inventory and salting equipment is protected as well as help prepare yourself for the following season. Rock salt is a valuable resource for combatting snow and ice; this is why it is important to protect your investment.

Another thing to consider is purchasing your rock salt in advance of the following year. Your preferred salt supplier may have excess inventory which allows you to secure your supply early. This way you can save, stock up and be prepared for the next season. You won’t have to worry and will be ready for when the first snowfall hits.

Here are some best practices for storing any rock salt over the summer that you are planning to use for next year:

Firstly, you should always store rock salt in a covered, waterproof storage facility as it is important the salt is protected from the elements. Rock salt that is exposed to precipitation can dissolve or become lumpy and will be difficult to spread. It can be very difficult to keep the salt completely covered with a tarp during summer rain, or even during more snow storms occur, so a fixed roof is highly recommended. Here at Draglam Salt, we supply salt storage domes. These come in variety of sizes and are your best option for ensuring your salt investment is protected. It is important to take into consideration the size your salt storage facility. The amount of salt being stored is the first concern, the second consideration is what type of machinery you are using to load the rock salt.


Next, you should consider your salting equipment. There are a variety of different types of salting equipment, but most commonly these can be spreaders, plows, or loaders. It is extremely important to ensure that when you are retiring any pieces of equipment into storage that they are washed and cleaned thoroughly of any salt and residue. Any unwashed metals can deteriorate overtime. Be sure to take care of your equipment so that the investment you made will last for many seasons.

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