Rock Salt vs Sand & Salt Mix

Rock Salt vs Sand & Salt Mix

Rock Salt vs Sand & Salt Mix

Canadian winters can be harsh. During the heavy snowfall season, homeowners and property managers have to constantly work on keeping driveways, sidewalks, and stairs clean and safe. It can be challenging to clean these surfaces frequently but with products like rock salt, the job becomes very easy.

Rock salt is the mineral form of sodium chloride which lowers the freezing point of water and therefore, it has been traditionally used to spread on surfaces to prevent the formation of ice. Rock salt has been highly effective in preventing accidents and is a budget-friendly option. For a country like Canada, where salt is required in large quantities due to the frequent snow days, rock salt is conveniently available at a reasonable price.


Many people do not use rock salt because they prefer less salt on their driveway or sidewalk. The alternative that these people turn to is sand and salt mix. The general mixture of sand and salt is 90:10 but it can be adjusted according to specific needs.

Sand does not melt ice, but it is applied to icy areas to provide traction. Sand is not harsh or corrosive on surfaces and can work at any temperature. Sand is only effective on ice; it gets buried under snow. Sand can collect in your drains after the ice melts or make your driveway or sidewalk messy. Even though sand is a great alternative to rock salt, it can potentially clog drainage systems. There are some situations when sand is the best alternative.

 When to Use Sand on Snow?

 Sand should be used in cases such as:

1. Areas where there is low risk of sand being blown away. Vehicles tend to blow away sand when they are at a high speed, therefore, in areas there is less traffic, sand is a good option for providing traction after plowing.

2. In areas where the temperature is extremely low, sand is the best alternative as salt does not work below a specific temperature.

3. Remote or rural areas can also opt for sand as they have more gravel roads.

Delivering Bulk Rock Salt, Bagged Rock Salt & Sand and Salt Mix

Draglam Salt is one of GTA's trusted salt suppliers. We offer both bagged and bulk rock salt available at great prices. Our bulk rock salt is sold by the tonne and is readily available. We also have sand and salt mix with a ratio of 90:10 which can be altered according to your needs. This is also sold by the tonne.


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