The uncertainty of winter weather can cause stress and impatience among city residents. Delays in traffic,  unsafe driving conditions, and heavy snow shovelling may be inconvenient, but these are just some of the unfortunate realities of the winter season.


Thankfully, there are processes like snow plowing and winter salting that keep the roads safe to help combat the wrath of winter. However, when a winter storm hits, there are important snow plowing and salting priorities in place to achieve efficient clearing and effective road safety.


Roads within each Ontario municipality are typically broken up into three levels of priority:


First Priority


High-volume arterial, major collector roads, and steeply graded roads are prioritized first for snow removal and salting. These roads need to be cleared as quickly as possible because they have a high volume of traffic and are usually key routes for commuters.    


Second Priority


After the first priority roads are cleared and safe, the second priority roads are cleared and salted. Second priority roads include roads within residential areas, access roads to long term care facilities, and other buildings of importance.


Third Priority


Lastly, third priority roads are cleared and salted. All remaining roads fall under this category and are usually addressed in order considering location, level of traffic, and safety concerns.


It is highly important to be patient with the snow removal and salting crews in your area. They are working as quickly as they can to ensure you arrive at your destination efficiently and safely.

Want to speed the process up? There are actually several ways you can help in your community:  


Keep Sidewalks Clear


Help keep your neighbourhood safe by clearing sidewalks and spreading winter salt around your property after a snowfall. This takes little time, especially if you are already shovelling your driveway. Residents must ensure their sidewalks and public space are cleared. As a neighbourhood effort, all pathways can be cleared more quickly.


One thing to note, make sure you are familiar yourself with the bylaws pertaining to sidewalk clearing to avoid fines associated with unshoveled sidewalks on your property.


Help a Neighbour

Take some extra time to help your neighbour shovel. It can even be a good idea to create a rotating schedule between a few neighbours to take turns doing the snow removal of those who are ill, elderly or have limited mobility.


Park Carefully


During the winter make sure you and your guests park their cars off of the street so they are not blocking snow removal or salt trucks. When parking on the street is absolutely necessary try to park as strategically as possible to be out of the way. Keep in mind, you may need a parking permit for overnight parking.


Pile Snow on Your Property


When shovelling, make sure that you pile the snow you have removed onto your lawn and not onto the street. There is no need to create more work for the city snow removal crews and you don’t want to be responsible for creating unsafe driving conditions for your neighbours.


Likewise, make sure that you keep your curb clean and put away any debris or bins that could interfere with snow removal.


At Draglam Salt, we ensure roads are kept clear and safe with rock salt. By understanding snow removal and winter salt priorities, you can help everyone be safe this winter! Contact us or call 416.798.7050 to place a bulk salt order or our 24 Hour Salt Hotline: 1.888.907.SALT(7258)