The Winter Season Has Begun!

The Winter Season Has Begun!

The Winter Season Has Begun!


After a short summer and beautiful fall, we are again headed towards winter. Temperatures in parts of Ontario have already dropped below freezing point and the province has witnessed the first significant snow of the season. Parts of Ontario are expected to get record-breaking temperatures and as much as 2 feet of snow this winter! The second half of January is expected to get extremely cold with record-breaking snowfall.


On November 15, 2022, we witnessed the first significant snowfall of the season. Winter in Ontario can be very unpredictable; therefore, it is important to prepare yourself in advance. Snow can make roads, parking lots, and properties unsafe and impact daily commute. Storing salt for winter in advance is a great solution to get through the season.

Using Ice Melters


Cleaning parking lots and properties during winter can be very tiring. Ice Melter is your best friend during this time! De-icing the parking lot or priperty can get easier by using the right ice melters. Applying rock salt accurately on the surface can help keep you and your family safe. Rock Salt is usually applied on the surface after the snow has been removed. It is used to break the bond between ice and the surface. Few people spread rock salt on the surface before it snows to avoid the accumulation of snow.


Ice Salt has many advantages:


1 It is easy to use as there is no physical work required. On the other hand, shoveling can take up to hours and can impact your physical health.


2 Snow salt is cost-effective if used correctly. In Ontario, homeowners must keep their sidewalks clean at all times to avoid any injury to pedestrians. Thus, rock salt is a reasonable option.


3 Rock salt avoids injuries as it decreases the possibility of slipping or falling. Rock salt lowers the freezing point of ice. This would make it a lot easier for you to clear snow and keep everyone around you safe.

Best Rock Salt Supplier

Draglam Salt is trusted by thousands of people across Ontario! We provide quality rock salt and even have eco-friendly salt available which is safe to use around pets. Our Ice Melter products are available in bags and in bulk. During the winter season (November 15 – April 15), our assistance is available 24/7. Order salt today for the winter season!