Rock salt is a key tool in keeping roads, sidewalks, steps, parking lots and other pathways clear of ice and snow. This is crucial to safety and to maintaining an efficient system of transport. As rock salt suppliers, our services directly relate to these important safety issues. With that in mind, we would like to share with you some information about how to get the best use out of rock salt.

How Rock Salt Works

Rock salt works by lowering the freezing point of water. When rock salt interacts with snow and ice it forms a brine that has a lower freezing point. This process begins immediately on contact. When water is produced the snow and ice begin to melt more rapidly.

How to Use Rock Salt

The best time to use rock salt is after the snow has been cleared. This is the ideal way to have rock salt achieve its primary purpose, which is to prevent steps, sidewalks, roads and parking lots from icing over and becoming dangerous for cars and pedestrians. With a liberal application rock salt will melt virtually all your ice and snow. However, it’s more effective to apply enough to break up remaining ice and then to remove it by other means, if necessary. This tactic means you won’t need to re-order from your rock salt suppliers on a regular basis.

Rock salt also has a sufficient temperature. Usually, it is effective up to nine degrees Celsius, or even negative twelve degrees Celsius. So, when using rock salt it is important to keep an eye on not only the snow but also the temperature. Consult with your rock salt supplier for alternative de-icing products that are potent at much lower freezing temperatures.

Draglam Salt is one of Ontario’s leading rock salt providers because we have a variety of products to handle a wide range of tough deicing jobs. Rock salt is present in many of our products. For example, a mixture of salt and sand prevents dangerous ice buildup but also helps increase and improve traction.  

Being Prepared

The two main reasons why rock salt is a popular deicing agent: it’s cheap and it’s effective. This means that when the weather changes, rock salt is what people rush to buy. The anticipation of a severe winter can drive up prices and put a strain on the supply of rock salt suppliers.

Thankfully, rock salt suppliers like Draglam Salt specialize in bulk orders of rock salt. By ordering in bulk your business can avoid potentially disruptive conditions. A reserve supply means your business will be protected from any potential price fluctuations and be ready for unexpected harsh conditions.

The simple answer to hazardous winter conditions is to use rock salt before and after a snowfall. Doing so helps maintain safe conditions on municipal streets and sidewalks, private property and prevents business disruptions. Remember that ordering in bulk from your rock salt supplier will help you deal with potential contingencies. So don’t get caught out this winter, contact Draglam Salt -  your rock salt supplier.