Winter is just around the corner and along with the beautiful falling snow comes slippery roads and walkways. Using salt is the most common and effective way to melt ice and snow in high-traffic areas, therefore, businesses and municipalities need to be prepared and order salt in bulk. Not only are bulk salt prices hard to beat, there are several reasons why buying salt in bulk is the way to go:




Financially, buying salt in bulk means you receive larger discounts on salt and save money. In order to qualify for bulk salt prices, you must order a minimum of one tonne of salt at once. If you don’t need this much salt, consider sharing the order with someone else so you can still reap the benefits of ordering in bulk.  




By ordering salt in bulk, you won’t have to worry about running out and therefore can make sure you use enough to ensure safe conditions. Winter can hit fast and hard; by planning ahead, you won’t risk facing a salt shortage or having to wait as people scramble to deal with the harsh consequences of winter in a last minute, panic scenario. If you’ve pre-ordered a bulk salt supply, then when the bad weather hits you won't have to worry about venturing out in dangerous conditions to pick up salt or have it delivered – you’ll be prepared for anything!




Ordering salt in large volumes can save you and the supplier time and energy. By streamlining your business into a bulk order, you will avoid having to pick up salt frequently and struggling to keep track of your current salt inventory.


Bulk ordering provides you with the peace of mind you need this winter.  Since salt is a naturally occurring mineral, it does not have an expiring shelf life. This means having to store the salt for some time will not diminish its effectiveness in any way.




Your municipality isn’t the only one looking for the most environmentally friendly salt and de-icing products. When you pre-order your salt, you can ensure you get the product that you need when you need it, so that you meet the environmental standards for your company or region. Looking for another green reason to pre-order salt in high volumes? Delivering smaller amounts of salt can take a toll on the environment with so many trips back and forth. Buying in bulk can reduce the number of delivery trips needed to make and in turn limit carbon emissions and traffic congestion. Make a positive impact on the planet while ensuring commuters and pedestrians are safe this winter.


Winter can certainly bring some inconveniences, but don’t be salty! Put your mind at ease and make the most of bulk salt prices this winter. Don’t wait! Avoid risking heightened demand, increased prices, salt shortages, and delivery delays. Save time and order soon so you are prepared for anything over the next few unpredictable months.