We all know that the weather can be unpredictable. But during winter,  the unexpected is more than inconvenient – it’s downright dangerous. Even the average snowstorm can create hazardous conditions around your home and business. However, Canadians know that winter’s challenges shouldn’t prevent business as usual.

Businesses, municipalities and organizations can ready themselves by ordering salt in bulk. Salt is a key tool to make sure roads, sidewalks, parking lots and driveways stay safe, so your patrons can continue their business despite the weather conditions.


Of course, the chief reason we use salt is safety. Icy conditions can cause anything from a little slip to a life threatening car accident. Diligence combatting ice build-up is especially important at places of business, where many people come and go – often in a rush. Safety is also important at home, particularly residences with very young or elderly occupants.  

To illustrate the importance of winter preparedness, imagine waking up to an unexpectedly heavy snowfall. Without a ready supply of road salt, you won’t be able to address the safety concerns of freezing conditions immediately, requiring extra caution until you can secure the salt needed to keep your business and patrons safe.


This means that you are at a higher risk of having an accident occur on your property. In the aftermath of such an accident you could find yourself legally at fault, not to mention the pain and suffering of the person who is hurt.

Take Advantage and Order in Bulk

The key reason to place a bulk order of salt is simple: winter comes every year. Salt is as indispensable to your home or business’s maintenance as a snow shovel. You wouldn’t wait until after the first snowfall to buy a snow shovel. You certainly wouldn’t do that year, after year, after year. Having a large salt supply on hand saves you the hassle of performing this annual chore. Not to mention, when unpredictable weather conditions and long-term ice storms cause damage, salt can become a scarce commodity. If you already have salt on hand, your business or municipality will be in good shape to keep running. Don’t let wintery conditions force you to change your schedule. Be ready for winter.

A bulk order has one other significant advantage: cost savings. As with any other product, ordering in bulk is a great way to cut down on costs. This is especially true for products like salt, that you can store indefinitely and you know you’ll need every year.

Ways to Use Salt

Once you have a ready supply of salt you can enjoy more flexibility in your winter maintenance routine. For example, you have probably noticed that city trucks will spread salt before snow even when weather forecasting models predict a chance to fall. Rather than dealing with icy spots after they develop, you can prevent the hazard in the first place.

Businesses can benefit from a salt stockpile by placing a plastic storage container of salt near entrances. Having these salt reserves on hand means that you can easily address any snow or ice throughout the day. Save time and energy by inviting employees to sprinkle a little salt on any problem areas as needed.