Your Guide to Using Salt for Snow & Ice this Winter

Your Guide to Using Salt for Snow & Ice this Winter

Your Guide to Using Salt for Snow & Ice this Winter

Did you ever think about the concept of salt melting ice on roads, driveways and sidewalks in our country? Tonnes of road salt are used during winters to keep Canadians safe. Snow salt plays an important role in keeping our daily lives operating as usual and keeping the economy running. When an Ice Melter contacts the ice or snow, it starts to form a brine solution which is a part of the melting process. In a nutshell, salt helps to decrease the freezing point which causes the snow to melt. It is hard for salt alone to initiate the melting process, but due to the presence of a thin layer of water between snow and ice, it is easier for the salt to contact the water and start the dissolving process.

Heavy snowfall and snowstorms call for a safe and effective driveway and sidewalk salt. It is important to learn the use of salt and the way to use it on different surfaces. This guide can help you to learn the salt application process and make your winter easier.

Steps to apply Salt on Snow:

Removing snow and ice can be arduous, but with the help of the right salt it can become effortless and effective. Here are some steps you can follow to make these winters easier:

1. Remove snow from the area: It is important to shovel snow from the area before applying salt. This speeds up the process as it leaves the salt with less snow and ice to melt.

2. Applying Salt: Once you start applying the salt on ice, you will notice that thin patches will vanish on the spot and a few thick patches might take a bit longer. After applying the salt, a few patches might still be there which can be easily removed with the shovel afterwards.

3. Removing leftover Ice and Snow: Once the salt melts a major part of the snow, you might still need to remove a few patches which can be easily done with a broom or shovel.

4. Applying Salt Again: Once the patches have been cleared, you want to apply salt again so that the snow does not pile up again.

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Best Salts to Buy

To melt ice and snow during harsh conditions can be extremely challenging, so when it comes to the best salt in the market, you can trust Draglam Salt. The brand has been in the market for more than 30 years and is trusted by thousands of Canadian for their snow and ice melting needs. Draglam Salt has a variety of products to choose from; Rock Salt, Sand Salt, Eco Salt, Meltco Treated De-icer and much more We also have materials available in Bulk Sack which are mainly Rock Salt, Landscapers Choice and ClearLane Enhanced Deicer. Get your upcoming season’s driveway salt from Draglam Salt, Ontario’s trusted salt and de-icer supplier.

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