Be Prepared

The salt supply shortage has persisted and we are continuing to source bulk salt from alternative suppliers. We anticipate this season to be busier than normal, so we’re taking extra steps to speed up wait times at our scale houses. New for the 2018/2019 season, it will be mandatory for all pick-up customers to present their Salt Card™ at the scale house in order to pick up salt. To ensure that we prioritize our loyal customers this upcoming season, only customers who present a Salt Card™ will be served.

To secure supply and mitigate this industry-wide shortage, Draglam Salt has sourced bulk salt from unconventional sources all over the world. We have performed thorough testing on all variations of rock salt, but all the product testing we’ve done can’t replace common sense. It’s important to take extra precautions to protect your equipment:

- Never leave salt in your salter.
- Wash your salter more often throughout the winter to keep the salt from building up.

If you need a Salt Card™ or have questions about your salt supply this season, contact your Account Manager or call 416.798.7050.