Current Supply Status

Last year’s demanding winter, combined with mine repairs, labour shortages, and an ice storm in late spring, resulted in a shortage of bulk salt. As predicted, the mines’ obligations to municipalities have posed a challenge by reducing or eliminating salt allocations to private contractors.

For over 25 years, Draglam Salt has been working tirelessly to supply contractors with the bulk salt and deicers they need to keep people safe. Despite this season’s unique challenges, we currently have the most bulk salt supply in the private contractor market at the most competitive pick up price.

As we continue to bring in deicing salt from alternative sources, logistics and transportation costs continue to rise. We encourage you to pick up and store as much bulk salt as your facilities allow. This will ensure you are well supplied if the price increases and/or supply diminishes.

We are committed to navigating this challenging season ahead and look forward to being your supplier of choice for bulk salt, bagged salt and environmentally-friendly deicers.