As summer weather winds down, it’s time to look ahead to the winter season and what to expect.  A key to getting a head start on winter planning is the trusted Farmer’s Almanac forecast. Based on mathematical and astronomical formulas, the Farmer’s Almanac has published accurate weather forecasts every year since 1818 to help plan for the coming seasons. With that in mind, predictions for the 2021-2022 winter are calling for a snowy and stormy season!

Ontario is expected to be icy and flaky throughout the winter months. The Farmer’s Almanac is “forecasting a ‘winter whopper’ for parts of Quebec and Ontario for the end of the month [February].” Additionally, the winter season is expected to be colder than usual so planning for the cold with fleece and warm clothing will be necessary this year!

Month-by-Month Breakdown

September – Warm and humid conditions will turn to unusually agitated and turbulent conditions

October – Blustery & chilly with frequent showers

November – Similar to October but it will be turning much colder

December – The start of the cold and icy winter

January – Temperatures will average milder than normal in the beginning of the month with a trend toward colder weather toward month’s end.

February – This month looks very cold with an unseasonable chill being evident during the second week and again during the final days of the month.


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Source: Farmers Almanac. Read More