Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is salt used?

    Salt is used as the principal de-icer because it has historically been the most readily available and most cost-effective choice. The primary type used is Rock Salt that is mined from the earth. Salt is used to keep snow and ice from bonding to the pavement and to allow snowplows to remove accumulations quickly and efficiently.

  2. How does salt work?

    When salt is applied to ice and snow, it creates a brine that has a lower freezing temperature than the surrounding ice or snow. To date, salt has been the most commonly used de-icing product because it is: readily available, the least expensive de-icer, relatively easy to store and handle, easy to spread, relatively harmless to skin and clothing, and believed to be harmless to the environment when used and stored properly. The use of salt for winter maintenance is based on the fact that dissolving one substance in another alters the freezing point of the second. Salt lowers the freezing point of water. The greater the concentration of salt, the lower the freezing point, although there is a limit of temperature below which salt will not melt ice. This is called the eutectic point (-21° C). Melting begins on contact when salt is spread on ice or snow. This produces water, dissolving more salt and producing further melting. The rate of melting will depend on the surrounding air and ground temperatures. Other influences on melting rate are the particle size of the salt and the amount of mixing often caused by traffic.

  3. How do de-icers work?

    De-icing chemicals get ice off pavement by lowering the melting point of the ice. The de-icer and ice form a liquid brine and remain in a liquid form at temperatures where pure water would freeze. The liquid brine also seeps between the remaining ice and pavement, breaking the bond between the ice and pavement for easier plowing. The following are some de-icing products and techniques in use today:

    Sodium Chloride, also known as rock salt, is the most inexpensive and commonly used de-icing product. It is produced in various particle sizes. The larger of these are used for roadways, then progressively smaller for parking lots and sidewalks. It will work to -21° C, although it is most effective around -9° to -12° C.

    Calcium Chloride is often used during very cold weather conditions because it can continue to work to -51° C, but is often considered most effective around -31° C. It is more expensive than rock salt.

    Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA), is an alternative de-icer with minimal corrosive properties. CMA can be quite expensive, often more expensive than calcium chloride. Blended products are relatively new on the market, with different compositions offered by various manufacturers. The advantages to using blended products include reduced use of sodium chloride, and utilizing the strengths of particular chemicals to maximize aspects of other de-icing products, such as melting rate and melting capacity.

  4. Why is the salt blue?

    All salt has an anti-caking agent to help stop clumping.  Most are clear white; this particular salt manufacturer's product is blue in colour for brand differentiation. We purchase salt from multiple producers. Follow us on Twitter @DraglamSalt for more helpful hints regarding salt products and their usage.

  5. Why is salt clumpy?

    Although salt freezes at -21° C, all salt has a small amount of water moisture which causes freezing and clumping within the salt in milder temperatures.  This can happen at around -10° C and below. Follow us on Twitter @DraglamSalt for more helpful hints regarding salt and best practices.

  6. Why is your salt so fine?

    There will be a small percentage of salt residues that occur in bulk road salt.  This product is direct from the salt mine.

  7. Your location is not open. Why not?

    All locations except Scarborough are open Monday to Friday 6:30am to 4:00pm with Bowes Rd open 24/7.  We will open during snow events and will make the decision to open overnight by 6:00pm.   Our website will always be updated as well. If you are experiencing service difficulties at any of our locations, please contact our Head Office at 416-798-7050. We welcome your feedback.

  8. Why are the lineups so long?

    In high demand situations and due to the unpredictable nature of snow events, this is very difficult to control. Draglam Salt is committed to maintaining our reputation of high quality service in the industry and continue to work on ways to reduce wait times whenever possible.

  9. Why is your salt wet?

    All of our salt is covered by tarp, dome or structure.  Moisture can occur during transportation or naturally in the air.  Rain or other major fluctuations in temperature can also cause moisture in the salt. Follow us on Twitter @DraglamSalt for more helpful hints regarding salt products usage and best practices.

  10. My truck holds 2 tonnes of salt, but you weighed me out at 3 tonnes. Why?

    Multiple factors may cause this: moisture of salt and density of salt are always different which can cause these discrepancies.  Every salt manufacturer mines their salt differently.  We purchase from all manufacturers, therefore variances will naturally occur.

  11. Who is my sales rep?

    Please Contact Us at our Head Office (416-798-7050) and request to speak to a Draglam Salt Sales Representative to determine who your account manager is or speak to any of our sales team who would be happy to discuss your questions and specific needs.

  12. My pre-paid card is empty and I need salt. What do I do?

    NEW THIS SEASON! Draglam Salt has launched new 24/7 online services to help manage your card and serve you better. Re-load your Salt CardTM by accessing your Salt Portal account (login using the form on the right side of this page). If you forget to re-load your card and require salt, list price will be charged to a valid credit card when you visit one of our locations.

  13. I lost my Salt CardTM and I need salt. What do I do?

    Please contact us immediately at our 24-Hour hotline: 1.888.907.SALT (7258)

  14. I forgot my Salt CardTM and I need salt. What do I do?

    If you have forgotten your card, you must provide an alternate form of identification at the Scale House in order to pick up your salt load. This may include vehicle ownership, driver’s license, and/or vehicle plate number. We encourage you to store your Salt CardTM in your wallet or vehicle as our Salt CardTM program helps to speed up wait times at our Scale House and eliminate billing errors.

  15. My account is on hold. What do I do?

    Please contact our Credit Department where you can leave a message at 416-798-7050 Ext. 269. A customer service representative in this department will return your call promptly during regular business hours.  If your account is on hold and you require salt during non-business hours, list price will be charged to a valid credit card when you visit one of our locations.

  16. Where are your other locations?

    Click here to view complete information on all our locations throughout the GTA. Printed flyer location maps and company information are mailed to all customers at the start of every season and can also be picked up at any of our locations throughout the season. Current location open/close times and product availability is updated regularly on our website, especially during snow events. Follow us on Twitter - @DraglamSalt for additional updates.

  17. What can I do with my leftover salt?

    As each salt season comes to a close, you may have a surplus of bulk salt. As a courtesy to our customers, Draglam Salt offers bulk salt returns as follows: You may return up to 2 tonnes (2,000 kg) of bulk sat. No dumping fee applies, but there will be no refund issued for the minimal quantity returned. You may return bulk salt exceeding 2 tonnes (2,000 kg) for a 25% restocking fee. The remaining value of the bulk salt returned (75%) will be credited to your account. Bulk salt returns are subject to inspection; any salt containing debris or of poor quality will not be refunded, regardless of quantity.

    Bulk salt returns are accepted at the following Draglam Salt locations:

    200 Horner Ave, Etobicoke/Toronto West
    1040 Winston Churchill Blvd., Oakville
    225 Artesian Industrial Pkwy, Bradford

    For inquiries regarding bulk salt returns, contact your Account Manager or call our toll-free hotline at 1.888.907.SALT (7258).

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