It’s not uncommon to experience several big storms throughout the winter season. Between snow, rain, hail, and drastic changing temperatures, winter storms can create hazardous driving conditions. As a result, it is important to be well prepared when storms arise.


Follow these simple procedures to make sure your business and  municipality are prepared for a winter storm:


Create an emergency plan


Take the time to sit down with your team members and create an emergency plan. Make sure you understand potential risks in your area (such as flooding zones) to customize a plan that takes into consideration the needs of your customers, clients and community members. How will your business or municipality communicate major accidents? Road closures? Power outages?


Looking for an example of an emergency plan? Take a look at some of Ontario’s city emergency plans here: City of Burlington and City of Barrie.


Consider closures


Choosing to close your business due to hazardous weather can safeguard the lives of your customers and team members. Consider working from home during bad weather if it's an option – it’ll help keep people off the roads and ensure your business can continue to run even when the weather outside is bringing traffic to a standstill.


Assemble an emergency kit


It’s a good idea to have an emergency kit at home, at the office, and in your car, for the off chance you get snowed in. Don’t forget to have non-perishable food and water on hand for at least 72 hours.


Alternative heat sources


Winter weather can sometimes lead to extended power outages. If the power goes out you’ll need to have alternative heat sources available. It's also smart to keep extra blankets around to help keep you warm when furnaces stop working. Other heat sources may include a gas fireplace, wood burning fireplace, or portable propane or gas heaters.


Protect roads and sidewalk with rock salt


Dangerous driving conditions are one of the biggest challenges of winter storms. Investing in rock salt to spread on your property, roads, sidewalks and pathways is a necessity for safety, whether you’re a municipality, a business, or a homeowner.


Rock salt is an effective tool for melting ice and improving traction. This will keep the area surrounding your house safer.Red Cross suggests to always have an adequate rock salt supply throughout the winter so you are always prepared in advance.


Rock salt is one of the most useful resources to have during the winter. Changing mild weather to  freezing temperatures create the opportunity for ice to form on your parking lots, driveways, walkways, porches and steps. Rock salt is an easy solution to eliminating slippery conditions and prevent falls.


Interested in learning more about purchasing rock salt this winter? Contact Draglam Salt, we are Ontario’s largest rock salt supplier. We give you the option to  buy your rock salt in bulk and can provide you with several different storage and supply options to suit your needs and budget.


Don’t wait. Be proactive and order your rock salt early to protect yourself and others from the consequences of harsh winter weather!