Now that the rush of the winter workload has slowed for the season, you can invest more of your time in growing your snow removal business and plan for the next upcoming winter. Snow removal season typically begins as early as November in Ontario. In any given area, there is always a ton of competition in the industry. In order to stay ahead of the pack and prepare for the busiest time of the year for snow removal workers, you’ll need to ensure you’re fully stocked with the winter essentials needed to run a thriving snow removal business.

Every business owner in the industry knows that a snow removal company is nothing without having:

1) Clients

2) A solid method for snow and ice removal, such as equipment and products.  

With that said, these two parts of the business go hand-in-hand. Without clients, you can’t put your products to good use; without products, you can’t service your clients. So during the off-season, your goal is to really amplify these two factors and gain both clients and products in abundance.  

Start with assessing your current client base and their needs, in order to get an idea of how much road salt and deicing products you’ll need to purchase. Once you’ve established your current standing, don’t be afraid to reach out to your existing clients by an e-newsletter and offer a referral program – they could receive a discount on a service for referring a new client. Reach out to local businesses and offer your services at special pricing on early bookings for the upcoming winter season.


bulk road salt sprinkled on the road
The next important step is to secure your supply of road salt. Draglam Salt is a local supplier and Ontario’s supplier of choice for bulk or bagged road salt in Concord. As you know, extreme weather conditions in Ontario can be very unpredictable, and when Mother Nature calls, you need to be fully stocked, supplied, and ready to go. This is why Draglam Salt is highly recommended as the best choice for snow removal companies that want to get ahead of the pack and get the job done fast.  
In order to plan, budget, and stock up your supply of road salt for the upcoming season – sign up for your own Salt Card. Log in to the Draglam Salt website and get access to all salt depots that are strategically located across Ontario based in high demand areas. You can arrange delivery to your storage area and pre-purchase your supply for the entire season. Talk about a service you can rely on, right? If you are new to the snow removal business years and have not experienced a salt shortage during the busiest season – you’re lucky. It has happened, and the road salt shortages in Ontario weren’t good for snow removal companies that lost out on valuable business.  Protect yourself and your business by pre-ordering your road salt with Draglam Salt.