At Draglam Salt, we provide a variety of de-icing agents. However, because it is inexpensive and effective, road salt is still our best seller. As Canadians, we depend on road salt to keep our businesses and communities running.

Lately, winters have been getting more unpredictable, so it’s important not to be caught off guard. At Draglam Salt, we want to partner with you so you are better prepared for whatever winter throws your way. We’re proud to provide bulk road salt delivery to keep you ready for any winter condition.

Here are five reasons to consider having your bulk road salt delivered:

1. Avoid “Line-Ups”

Simply put, receiving a bulk road salt delivery will let you keep your own schedule. A delivery service saves you time, which means you don’t have to make a special trip to one of our locations.

Also, a bulk road salt delivery will help you avoid longer wait times during periods of high demand. Even though we work hard to minimize wait times, there will occasionally be an extended wait. After a large snow downfall, people will scramble to stock up on salt, and these periods of high demand can be difficult to predict.

Of course, a bulk road salt delivery means you’re preemptive for any occasion with a larger supply of salt.

2. Avoid Procrastinating

When you have to go out of your way to pick up road salt, it can feel like one more chore. It’s easy to put it off or prioritize other work. That’s one of the reasons why we offer bulk road salt delivery.

We want your purchase to be as easy and convenient as possible. By offering to do the legwork for you, our initiative is to encourage more businesses and organizations to stock up early.

3. Safety

We see stocking up early as a safety issue. The more people are prepared with their road salt, the more areas will be de-iced and safe after a major snow event.

4. You Can Order More

Depending on your needs and resources, the logistics of transporting a large amount of salt can be a challenge. On the other hand, we offer bulk road salt delivery for any amount - specifically one that exceeds the minimum weight of one tonne.

With bulk road salt delivery, you can be more flexible in your winter preparation plans. For example, you can stock up on larger amounts of road salt at a time. If you need an especially large delivery, you can avoid other logistical challenges and costs by relying on Draglam Salt for delivery.  Tri-axles, trailers and flatbeds - we have it all!

5. Save More!

Because you can order larger quantities, you can also take greater advantage of the savings associated with bulk purchases. This will also protect you from fluctuating prices and demand in the market.

Draglam Salt does its best to maintain consistent prices, but large unexpected snow storms can drive up the cost and demand for road salt.

By taking advantage of our bulk road salt delivery, you can stock up on larger quantities to save more on your order, and avoid the hassles of fluctuating demand. Make things easy on yourself by leaving your salt needs in the hands of our dependable drivers. Contact us today to arrange your next bulk road salt delivery!